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Live & Unreleased: Mental Sushi

Mental Sushi has been around in one form or another since back in 2009. It was one of the first songs we tried in drop D tuning after the release of dysnomia. We never really got around to write a proper ending for it, so we kept on improving it over the years, as well as playing it at a couple of shows. We were aiming to include it in our In Limbo release, which never saw the light of day.

Zolka playing at a razordoll show in 2014.

This version was recorded at our rehearsal space in 2013 and contains a couple minor fuckups but it is still in a very much ready-to-headbang-to state.

Mental Sushi (unreleased)

I will follow you, into the void

spread your angel wings now, baby

let your halo shine through

Deeper down we fall, into the void

I'll grab you, pull you close

see, baby, I won't let you go

I will always be with you,

I'll never leave your side again

I will not take this shit

I'll never leave you

I will not turn away

I will not leave this place

I will not...

I can't take no more