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You Can't Have Enough of 'Blindfolded'

When we set out to play a couple of acoustic songs with Laci on the last Friday of September in 2018, we did not really have a plan, other than "let's find a spot out in the middle of nowhere and play some songs". We were working on new razordoll material at the time, namely Not a Single Thing and Hubris, but we also found time to do a take of This Divinity Within Me and Blindfolded before the sun went down and left our fingers too numb to play. And we also had to fight off mosquitos and other weird bugs.

Now This Divinity Within Me was a single take and it really showed that we haven't played it in years, so there's not going to be a (public) video of that, but the other three songs will eventually make it out into the open.

This one is a version of Blindfolded, which I told Laci we can never have enough alternate versions of. Mainly because it was one of the first song ideas I pitched to the then forming razordoll, and secondly because I like playing and singing it too.

It always bothered me a bit that I only play the chords for this song, so I sat down today and listened to the original recording from dysnomia and played it enough times so I could get the other guitar parts and learn them as well. I will probably write down the notes for all the parts, which is something we should have done for all our songs.

Anyway, enough with the banter, time for Blindfolded.