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Story Behind the Song: Blindfolded

By the time Blindfolded was conceived, I had just come into possession of a keyboard and I was familiarising myself with basic chords, which was quite a different experience than what I was used to from playing the bass or the guitar. Playing the keyboard was a short-lived phase of mine, but it gave us Blindfolded, which was actually the one and only song I wrote on keyboards as opposed to a stringed instrument.

While the song was composed on keyboard, it was gradually phased out from the finished composition. The reasons were really simple if you think about it: we did not have a dedicated keyboard player or a rig set up to accommodate one for that matter. It also did not fit with the rest of our songs so we decided to spend more time on arranging it for two guitars instead of the keys. Plus I was not really any good on the keyboard anyway. So it was a win-win.

I'll dig up an old demo recording that still has the keyboard as an outro for another post.

Performing in 2009 with razordoll.

The lyrics deal with breakups and the feeling of getting over them.

The final line Love is a crime… was inspired by the song Bodies by The Smashing Pumpkins which I was rediscovering at that time.

Blindfolded (from 2009's dysnomia)

Was it a lonely afternoon?

Or when did my laughter disappear?

I can’t seem to recall your face…

No more of this

I decided to lock my heart away

And all that I have felt is now erased

Tell me why can’t you see

That I am blindfolded?

Now all my pain has disappeared!

Love is a crime…