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Live & Unreleased: My Black Song

Ah, teenage angst. How I miss thou. And how completely and utterly useless you are in retrospect.

The lyrics for My Black Song were conceived while I was still back in high school, rebelling against authority in general and the totally backwards thinking and elitist good-for-nothing education system. Plus, you know, parents and their world view they try to force on you. Thankfully all that's behind me. Except for my hate of authority and the elitist educational system. I should have been a punk, come to think of it.

I supplied the original riffs and then Laci added the intro part and we worked on the chorus part together to bring you this grungy-stoner headbanger.

Playing at the SZIN festival in 2013.

This version was recorded at our rehearsal space in 2013. Ákos said this is the only razordoll song he actually doesn't like, but don't let him influence you and enjoy this recording.

My Black Song (unreleased)

I wanted to sleep when I was awake

Burn candles and incense every day

I wanted to blow my fucking head

After all my insides have turned black

I wanted to cut you out of my thoughts

You were a disease that drove me nuts

I wanted to cut you out of my flesh

A cancer cured by the kiss of death

I wanted to scream when they took my meds

My parents said I'd be better off dead

I never gave them a fucking chance

They took away my self-confidence

"You are a disease!"